The Flex Plugin for Sonar : a Further Step Toward Multi-Language Support

by olivier gaudin|

    Earlier on this year, we mentioned in the Sonar roadmap for 2010 that after version 2.0 the main objective was to enable other languages on the platform through plugins. This development is on its way and the first plugin to come out is an Open Source plugin to analyze Flex / ActionScript projects that was released last week.

    The version 0.1 of the plugin already enables to get base metrics such as Lines, Comments, Classes, Complexity and Statements with help of FlexMetrics. It also embeds FlexPMD (the equivalent of PMD for ActionScript) to provide an extensible and powerful coding rule engine. Finally it enables to report on duplicated code by using FlexCPD. As usual, all those tools are transparently orchestrated by Sonar to ease the installation and the use of the plugin.

    As you can see, the release of this Sonar plugin for Flex projects was not possible without Adobe guys, thanks to François and Xavier, that have developed and keep improving the tools to analyze the code. The next steps for the plugin might consist of integrating FlexUnit for unit tests.

    You might want to download the plugin straight away to give it a try, but you can also see it in action on Nemo.

    Here are the next milestones in the roadmap of multi-languages :

    • a SonarSource commercial Cobol Plugin planned for the end of April, but that can already be evaluated in beta
    • SQLI, a French consulting company, is currently making a great contribution to deliver an open source plugin to analyze PHP projects
    • A plugin to cover VisualBasic 6