Talking about Sonar

by olivier gaudin|

    During the next two months, several Sonar presentations should happen around the world. Here is the list of the ones I know about ;-)

    • 15 Sept. in Paris, I'm going to present Sonar during the "Soirée Qualité du logiciel" organized by the Paris JUG
    • 15 Sept. in Lyon (France), Freddy Mallet will do the same presentation at the same time during the "Qualité logicielle avec Kalistick & Sonar" organized by the Lyon JUG
    • 2nd of Oct in Düsseldorf, Oliver Gierke is going to present Sonar during the GearConf.
    • Freddy and Rémy Sanlaville will talk about Sonar during the Agile Tour 2009 in Geneva (Oct. 12th) and Grenoble (Oct. 20th). Most of the SonarSource team is going to be in Montreal for Agile Tour (Oct. 27th) to talk about the seven deadly sins.

    For french speakers, I would like to mention as well that a year after writing a user guide in french, Romain Linsolas has updated it to reflect the features that have been added in the last 12 months. This is really a good job done by Romain !