SonarQube Swift Plugin Offers Mature Functionality for Young Language

by elena vilchik|

    The Swift programming language is only a year old, but the SonarQube plugin for code written in this “green” language has already been out for six months and already offers a mature set of features.

    The SonarQube Swift plugin is absolutely easy to use. All you need to do is specify the name of the project and the folder with the source files. As the analysis output, you get a wealth of metrics (lines of code, complexity etc.), code duplication detection, and of course, the most important and interesting thing: issues raised by your code.

    The Swift language introduces a lot of new features, some of which developers have been waiting for for a long time (e.g. easy-to-use optional values), while others are a bit more controversial (operator overriding, custom operators). Love the new features or hate them, no developer is indifferent.

    Because the Swift language is so new, our team has made an effort to create a pile of useful rules to help developers take proper advantage of its unique features. For instance, for those who are used to ending each switch case with a break, we have this rule: "break" should be the only statement in a “case”.
    For those who are addicted to using custom operators, we have rules limiting the risks of using of this feature:

    And for sure, the Swift plugin provides standard types of rules like name convention rules for all possible categories, a bunch of rules detecting too-complex code and other super useful bug detection rules such as:

    The Swift language is developing rapidly, regularly releasing new versions with new features and syntax. At the recent WWDC 2015, Swift 2.0 was announced. It introduces error-handling mechanisms, defer statements, guard statements and a lot of other stuff. All of which is already supported by Swift plugin 1.4!

    So if you are interested in being able to develop high quality Swift code quickly, take a look at Nemo to what the SonarQube Swift plugin offers, and then try it out for yourself.