SonarQube 6.5 in Screenshots

by g. ann campbell|

    The SonarSource team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 6.5, which brings more usable project measure history charts, and significant changes to the management of built-in quality profiles.

    • Better understand the history of a project
    • "Leak" perspective on the Projects page
    • Built-in quality profiles are now read-only
    • Onboarding tutorial for new users

    Better understand the history of a project

    Measure history charts have been incorporated into the Project Homepage domain cards since the inception of the page, but 6.5 makes them bigger and far more usable:

    You'll find them on the Project Activity page, which offers several variations:

    • Overview - Bug, Vulnerability, and Code Smell issue counts
    • Coverage - Lines to Cover versus Covered Lines
    • Duplications - Lines of Code versus Duplicated Lines
    • Custom - Up to three metrics of your choosing graphed against each other

    Each graph offers the ability to zoom in on a subset of the project history:

    Graph choices are sticky within a session, so if you leave the page and come back, the graph you were last using will be what's presented. The last graph you used is also shown at the bottom-right of the Project Homepage just above the activity list:

    That puts you just a quick click away from the larger graphs interface, as does the new Project Homepage measure mouseover icon:

    A click here takes you to the history graph of whatever measure you're mousing over.

    Making measure history so accessible has an additional benefit. For a user with the right privileges, the graph mouseover data can help a project administrator efficiently identify and eliminate analyses that for one reason or another (E.G. wrong or experimental analysis parameters) pollute the project history:

    "Leak" perspective on the Projects page

    The global Projects page also got a significant upgrade in this version, with the addition of a Leak Perspective:

    Choose this perspective, and you'll see the leak metrics across projects. The search facets change as well, so that you can search for projects by leak values:

    Built-in quality profiles are now read-only

    Also in this version is a return to read-only default profiles. Now the profiles that are provided by analyzers out of the box are uneditable, and always updated when there are changes in a new analyzer version. By default, users with permission to administer profiles will be notified by email when a default profile is updated so they can review the changes and see what new rules have been added by a plugin update.

    During migration to 6.5, any existing "default" profiles that were previously edited will be set aside with "(outdated copy)" appended to the name so that you don't lose your changes.

    Onboarding tutorial for new users

    Another significant change in this version is the addition of a brief onboarding tutorial for new users that walks them through a first project analysis:

    That's all, folks!

    Its time now to download the new version and try it out. But don’t forget to read the installation or upgrade guide.