SonarQube 5.1 in Screenshots

by g. ann campbell|

    The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 5.1, which includes many new features:

    • New issues page & improved issue management
    • New rules page
    • Improved layout and navigation
    • Simplified component Viewer
    • All text files in a project imported
    • Preview analysis timezone issue solved

    New Issues Page & Improved Issue Management

    Vast improvements in issue handling have gone into this version. First, there's the replacement of the Issues Drilldown with the full power of the Issues page, contextualized to the current project.

    Next are the long-awaited issue tags! Issues inherit tags from their rules, but the list is user-editable per issue.

    Issue tags also come with a new widget, to show the distribution of issues in a project by tag:

    Also on the long-awaited list is the ability to mark an issue "Won't fix". Choose that option from the dropdown and the issue disappears from issue counts and technical debt calculations at the next analysis.

    Another key improvement is the automatic assignment of new issues to the last modifiers of the relevant lines. SonarQube user accounts are matched automatically to committers when possible, but it's also possible to make those associations manually

    And finally in the Issues Management area, the functionality of the Issues Report plugin has been moved into core, so you get those capabilities out of the box now.

    New Rules Page

    The Rules page has also made the final step in its transition. Its new page structure will be familiar from the Issues page, and Rules now features the same powerful and intuitive search facets.

    When you're in a Rule Profile context, inheritance is now clearly displayed in the results list, and it's easy to toggle your search between what is and is not activated in the profile.

    The rule detail has been enhanced too, most notably by the addition of linked issue counts for each rule.

    Improved Layout and Navigation

    The first thing you'll notice is that you've got more horizontal space for content, because we've removed the blue navigation bar on the left.

    Global navigation is in the top menu and a sub-menu has been added for navigation within a project:

    The new top menu features a home icon on the left - the SonarQube logo by default - which can be customized with your own logo.

    And by default, the search menu (keyboard shortcut: s) now starts with your recently-used items:

    We've also made the help menu more obvious. You could see it before with the '?' keyboard shortcut, but now there's an icon too.

    Simplified Component Viewer

    The Component Viewer has been simplified in this version: there's no more need to turn decorations on and off; it's all on by default

    And the "Show Details" option in the More Actions menu pulls up a display of all the file metrics.

    All Text Files in a Project Imported

    It's now possible to import all the files in your project. This allows you to have a fuller view of your project in SonarQube and to create manual issues on those files.

    Preview Analysis Timezone Issue Solved

    And finally, the timezone problem that kept people in different timezones than their SonarQube servers from performing preview analysis has been fixed. There's not much to show for this point, but it's significant enough to many to deserve a mention here.

    That's All, Folks!

    Time now to download the new version and try it out. But don’t forget that you’ll need Java 7 to run this version of the platform (you can still analyse Java 6 code), and don’t forget to read the installation or upgrade guide.