SonarQube 3.6 in Screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    The team is proud to announce the release of SonarQube platform 3.6, the first version with the new name (it had been called Sonar). This version includes new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a couple of minutes to check out:

    • Violations and Reviews become Issues
    • Cartography
    • Tracking of New Coding Rules
    • Rewriting of Checkstyle and PMD Rules
    • Administration

    Violations and Reviews become Issues

    The two concepts of Violation and Review have been merged into one unified concept called Issue.
    All Violations are now Issues and automatically have full review functionality. New features have also been added such as:

    Issue Service

    Data on issues are now kept in the database even after issues have been closed. That makes it possible to search for them issues through the new Issues Service.

    New status: Confirm

    A new status is available to mark an issue as "Confirmed", meaning that the issue has been reviewed and has been confirmed as an actual issue (as opposed being a "False positive").

    Issue change log

    Each action performed on an issue is now logged and the change log of an issue can be displayed at any time.

    Notification on new false positives

    Each user can now decide to be notified when an issue is flagged as false positive.


    SonarQube 3.6 implements the first baby step of our ambitious cartography project. By simply clicking on a variable or a method name (call or declaration), it is now possible to answer the following questions on Java projects:

    • Where in the current file is this variable declared? Where is it used?
    • Where in the current file is this method declared? Where is it used?

    Tracking of New Coding Rules

    Each rule has now a creation date. Thus, it is easy to track new rules that come with new versions of plugins.

    Each coding rule has also a status:

    • Ready: can be safely activated in production environment
    • Deprecated: should not be used anymore as it has been replaced by new coding rules(s)
    • Beta: has been recently introduced and not enough feedback has been received yet from users to guarantee not too many false positives or false negatives

    Rewriting of Checkstyle and PMD Rules

    About 20 rules from Checkstyle and PMD have been rewritten with our own technology (SSLR). Other rules will be rewritten from version to version.
    The main objectives are to:

    • Improve maintainability by avoiding a long process of contribution to external tools
    • Improve their value: better implementation to get fewer false positives and false negatives, better description, code snippets, etc.

    Quality Profile Administrator

    A new global role has been introduced: Quality Profile Administrator. Users who are granted this role can make changes on any quality profiles.

    Time now to let you download this new version to give it a try. But do not forget to read the installation or upgrade guide.