Sonar team now on Twitter

by simon brandhof|

    SonarSource experiments micro-blogging with Twitter ! The purpose is to compensate the absence of a developer blog for Sonar. The concept is really simple : the team publishes regularly short stories, less than 200 characters long. Some examples are :

    • screenshots of features under development
    • announce of milestone/beta releases (final releases are announced on this blog)
    • various thoughts
    • technological experimentation, such as "great, Sonar works with last Maven 2.0.10 !"
    • fun stuff, like a movie on our subversion activity

    To get this most up to date information, add SonarSource to the list of people you follow on Twitter. In case you don’t have a Twitter account, you can join today or subscribe to the feed. You can also follow directly some team members : Freddy Mallet, Olivier Gaudin or myself.