Sonar SQALE 1.2 in screenshot

by freddy mallet|

    You probably remember that 4 months ago, we announced the availability of a SQALE plugin for Sonar. Since them, we have continued to work on it and have released a version 1.2. The new version greatly improves the usability of the plugin and makes it even easier for a non-technical manager to understand and manage the technical debt of his portfolio of projects.

    A manager can now customize his dashboard(s) with SQALE widgets such as the SQALE Kiviat, the SQALE Sunburst, the SQALE pyramid... and also remove technical widgets that are not useful to him. Since Sonar 2.4, it was already possible to fully customize the project dashboard(s) according to the user profile (developer, manager, architect, ...) but very few widgets were available to create a real governance dashboard.

    Here is for example the dashboard we have configured on Nemo :

    For more information on the SQALE methodology, have a look at