Sonar Radiator plugin to keep an eye on quality all day long !

by olivier gaudin|

    After the integration of two Google components (Motion Chart and Timeline), we are releasing the last of a series of three nice and sexy plugins : The Sonar Radiator Plugin, aka big treemap.

    The radiator is available in the home page as well as on the project dashboard. It works the same way the standard treemap does : you can choose pretty much any metric to represent the size of rectangles and any qualitative metric for their color.

    When you click on any project name, it will display the so-selected project. Although looking very similar, the radiator has 3 big advantages over the standard treemap :

    • It is bigger and therefore much more readable
    • When you left click in the rest of the rectangle, it drills down
    • When you right click in the rest of the rectangle, it drills up

    I really like this components because it fills immediately two gaps : first you can navigate within projects in a very efficient way, having the big picture immediately on the chosen metrics. Secondly, you can display the radiator on a wall and let your teams compete for the code quality award.