Sonar Proposals for Google Summer of Code

by olivier gaudin|

    Codehaus has been officially accepted into Google Summer of Code 2010. Based on the great job done by Ben Walding previous years, we expect that several projects get funded at The Haus this year.

    Ben has open a page for Codehaus projects to propose ideas they wish student could pick and develop. We have proposed 3 ideas that we think are interesting challenges for students and a great addition to the Sonar platform :

    • Develop the ability to customize dashboards in Sonar (project dashboard, hotspot...) using drag and drop in the UI
    • Complete integration of Sonar into favorite IDEs by leveraging a Sonar instance, and then add a real time component for analysis of new code
    • Implement cross projects analysis for duplications and dependencies and report those defects into Sonar

    Of course if you have ideas for projects that could be submitted, please propose them for discussion on the mailing list.

    Whether you are a student or know one that hasn't got plans for the summer already, you should definitely think at applying. If you’re accepted in the program not only will you be working on a great subject around a great project mentored by great people ;-) but also if you do well will you be paid $ 5,000.