Sonar is the featured project of the month at Codehaus

by freddy mallet|

    2009 starts like 2008 finished, with a good news for Sonar ! :-) Indeed, after being nominated as finalist in 2009 Jolt Awards, Sonar has been declared Codehaus featured project of the month for January.

    For the ones who don't know Codehaus : Codehaus is a forge that hosts open source projects, but only those that have a business-friendly license. I take the opportunity of this announce to remind people that Codehaus is certainly the best available forge for open source projects.

    What makes Codehaus better is not the fact they host Sonar ;-) : they have a very pragmatic approach to software development which leads them to choose and provide the best collaborative tools available on the market :

    Having excellent tools is a good starting point but making them work so smoothly (with help of Xircles and Contegix hosting provider) is the magic of Codehaus.

    We take the opportunity of this announce to thank Codehaus !