Sonar in the news

by olivier gaudin|

    Welcome to the roundup of blog posts and pages that mentioned Sonar last month...

    Evolutionary architecture and emergent design: Environmental considerations for design, Part 1
    By Neal Ford, 26 October 2010

    If you go to your project manager and say, "I feel sick inside, I can't sleep at night; I suspect our code is starting to suck," your manager will shoot back, "Can you prove that?" You can. Next, I'll show two illustrations of technical debt: the first generated by hand and the second using a tool called Sonar.

    50 Awesome Open Source Apps You've (Probably) Never Heard Of
    By Cynthia Harvey, 25 October 2010

    In its first year of release, this Web-based platform for managing code quality quickly racked up 30,000 downloads. Now in its second year, Sonar gets 4,000 downloads per month and is notable for its ease of use and excellent reporting tools.

    Open Source Comes to the Private Cloud
    By Michael Vizard, 23 October 2010

    As the opportunity to help customers turn their existing IT infrastructure platforms into a private cloud computing platform continues to evolve, the number of turnkey management platforms for accomplishing this continues to increase.

    Analyzing Groovy / Grails code
    By Cyril Picat, 19 October 2010

    Groovy and Grails are a breeze of fresh air in Java development and Web application development as they enable you to write far more expressive and readable code. They also solve most of the classic Java pitfalls (BigDecimal, equals(), etc…) all new Java programmers meet along their way. Even if you write more readable and thus more maintainable code in Groovy, this is not enough let alone: of course you need some good practices to keep your code under control as your application keeps growing.

    Sonar - ultimate tool for source code management and quality measures
    By Lukasz, 18 October 2010

    Do you remember my series about source code quality? All posts about quality, Clover2, Cobertura, PMD, etc? Well this week I stumbled upon Sonar... It completely turned my world upside down... Sonar is an aggregate tool for complex source code management and quality measures. It uses Clover2, Cobertura, PMD, Checkstyle, and Findbugs under the hood.

    Components of a Kickass Java Dev Environment, Part 2: Supporting Systems
    By Andre van der Schyff, 30 September 2010

    Everybody that I know loves Sonar. This includes managers, architects and developers alike. It's an amazing tool that gives you the visibility you never knew you needed. Once you install it, developers are likely to zone out and just fix the worst problems for a few days, to the benefit of all.