Sonar in the news

by olivier gaudin|

    Welcome to the roundup of blog posts and pages that mentioned Sonar last month...

    Use Sonar to Develop a Quality Feedback Loop into the Build Cycle

    By Brian Chaplin on ServerSide, 29 june 2010

    The number of business defects in an application tracks with the number of technical defects. More technical defects normally means more business defects. This means that technical defects can be used as a metric for the overall quality of a development approach. Sonar is a great dashboard for tracking code quality at the project and file level. But how can it be used to as part of the daily workflow?

    Making the Most of Maven: Nexus, Hudson, Sonar
    By Joel Confino, 15 June 2010

    Maven is a build tool. I like Maven because it supports dependency management, consistent builds and a modular code base. But if you are just using Maven without using Nexus, Hudson, Sonar you are really missing out on a lot of goodness. Nexus is a Maven repository manager, Hudson is a CI server, and Sonar is a code metrics server.

    Google Summer of Code 2010 with Sonar team – first steps
    By Evgeny Mandrikov, 7 June 2010

    As I promised in previous post, that progress of my work on Google Summer of Code 2010 would be available publicly – here is a brief overview of what was done for Sonar IDE project, what we have now and what expected in nearest future.

    The Code Quality game
    By Ricki Sickenger, 4 June 2010

    Most programmers think they can recognize good code and a lot of them think they produce good code, but the sad truth is that not a lot of programmers actually do. Between time constraints, feature creep, and laziness, programmers hardly ever end up producing super quality code.

    Code-Metriken auf dem Prüfstand
    By Sandro Ruch, 4 June 2010

    Wie lässt sich die Qualität von Code bestimmen? Welche Kriterien sollen dafür hinzugezogen werden? Eine mögliche Antwort könnte sein: "So gut wie die Abnahme-Testresultate des Kunden"...

    Changing a project’s artifact id in Sonar
    By Oliver Gierke, 2 Jun 2010

    Sonar is a great tool to take care of code quality in your software projects. I use it heavily to monitor the open source projects I am involved with. When working on getting Hades published into Maven central I had to polish it’s pom.xml and felt the need to align the parent project’s artifact to our chosen OSGi compatible package notation for artifacts

    Code Quality Management Tool Sonar Provides Design and Architecture Metrics
    By Srini Penchikala on InfoQ, 1 June 2010

    The new version of open source code quality management tool Sonar provides design and architecture metrics. Sonar 2.0 introduced the analysis of design, architecture and object-oriented metrics for Java applications. And Sonar 2.1 version, which was released recently, supports the detection of unused methods.