Sonar in the news

by olivier gaudin|

    Welcome to the roundup of blog posts and pages that mentioned Sonar last month...

    Code Quality Tools Review for 2013: Sonar, Findbugs, PMD and Checkstyle
    By Adam Koblentz, 12 March 2013

    When we released our Developer Productivity Report last year, it was the first time we asked our respondents about Code Quality Tools. Code quality tools fulfill a growing need, as our code bases become larger and more complex, and it’s important to try to automate your code checks as much as possible. They are pretty versatile and customizable, and typically they are integrated into your build process, but can also be run manually in a one-off fashion.

    Dependency Inversion Principle
    By Monte Wingle, 13 March 2013

    This 20 minute video demo shows: How to install and start Sonar, A very simple java project with no dependency cycles, What creates a red mark (dependency cycle) on the Design page, A Sonar analysis showing the cycle, How to fix that red mark using the Dependency Inversion Principle, A final Sonar analysis showing a clean design page again with the functionality unchanged.

    Install Sonar – Oracle Loopback Adapter
    By Jean-Pierre Fayolle, 10 March 2013

    We will discuss in this post how to install a Loopback Adapter needed to use Oracle on a standalone station, such as a laptop for example. The first thing to do is to check if you already have one on your machine.

    Analyze a Web Dynpro Java project with Sonar
    By Tobias Hofmann, 21 March 2013

    Sonar offers two “basic” profiles to analyze a project. Sonar uses Findbugs to analyze not only the source code, but the binary version for violations and possible bugs too. “Sonar way” is looking at the source code. This allows for finding the most common violations with minimum effort. “Sonar way with Findbugs” also takes the CLASS files into consideration.

    Install Sonar – Oracle user
    By Jean-Pierre Fayolle, 25 March 2013

    Today we will use this console to create an Oracle User that will allow us to have a SONAR schema in our database. If you did not keep the url of the Oracle console, no problem. You should have a Windows menu that allows to launch it. Note that you have as many consoles as databases installed, and a corresponding Windows service. We shall see at the end of this article how to disable it.