Sonar in the news

by olivier gaudin|

    Welcome to the roundup of blog posts and pages that mentioned Sonar last month...

    Working with Dependencies to Eliminate Unwanted Cycles
    By Patroklos Papapetrou, 8 November 2012

    Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) is a flexible, colorful and easy-to-use feature that lets you browse dependencies on every level of your projects. You can access it by clicking on any metric on dashboard package widget. This article will show you at first how to navigate the DSM. Then, we'll show you how to "read" the DSM in order to spot dependencies between software components. We hope that at the end of the article working with dependencies and eliminating cycles will be a piece of cake for you.

    Can you use SAP NetWeaver Cloud to run... Sonar?
    By Tobias Hofmann, 14 November 2012

    may sound easy, but, actually, Sonar is not a pure Java application. It makes extensive use of Ruby. To be able to run sonar under Neo, it needs be converted to run under Java / JRuby on Tomcat and be able to connect to the Neo database => increasing the complexity.

    Visualize JavaScript code quality and code coverage with Sonar – part 2
    By Benjamin Seber, 22 November 2012

    In my previous post I wrote about the Sonar JavaScript-Plugin, JsTestDriver, jstd-maven-plugin and some problems with the configuration. Meanwhile we’ve got a working setup which I want to explain in this blog. For the impatient ones among us, there is a sample project available on github...

    Installing Sonar for Delphi
    By Migue Langel Oliver, 22 November 2012

    On 15th of November the HTML5 Builder QA Team was in the VLCTesting where we learned very good experiences and shared knowledge, amongst this was the software Sonar, Right now in HTML5 Builder we are not using that tool but we found interesting to add a continuous inspection method to our continuous integration method and we decided to dig a little in that tool.

    Sonar OWASP Plug-in
    By Meera Subbarao, 19 November 2012

    I have done several demos to clients on Sonar. Last week, I did a Brown Bag @ Cigital on Sonar. As I was preparing the Virtual Machine which I created for Sonar, I noticed the OWASP Plug-in. I downloaded the trial version and ran analysis on a few projects. As I was doing the demo, several of our Consultants @ Cigital had tons of questions about how this plug-in worked. Remember, Cigital helps companies improve the security of our clients most reliable applications. :)

    Use Sonar to Combine Surefire Tests and Failsafe Tests Coverage in a Multi-Module Project
    By David gadget, 23 November 2012

    As you might already know, using Sonar one can measure code coverage by Unit Tests (UTs) on a maven project. Even better, in multi-module projects, coverage is aggregated at parent-module’s level. That’s great! However, lots of use cases are not covered by this basic behaviour. What if you have UTs in a module covering code in another module? What if a module contains Integration Tests (ITs) that cover, by nature, code in lots of modules? What if those tests are run with maven failsafe plugin?

    Sonar & ABAP
    By Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE, 4 November 2012

    My blog Qualilogy is almost one year old (at the end of the month), and I found that almost all the posts that I have written are about quality of code and applications and are intended primarily for two types of audiences: People familiar with the concepts of Quality, and the use of metrics, often beyond the field of code quality. They are often consultants or Quality managers, usually with the experience of various technologies and languages, able to interpret a dashboard and make audits. However, they are not all experienced in the use of code analysis tools, and sometimes feel that the J2EE world and Open Source tools are too technical for them.

    Sonar & ABAP – What you need to know
    By Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE, 10 November 2012

    We started in the previous post this new serie about ABAP code analysis, with the help of Walter Strobl, Director of Quality in Vision IT and specialist of SAP environments. Today, we will see what is necessary to know to implement a process of ABAP code analysis with Sonar.

    Sonar & ABAP – The questions
    By Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE, 18 November 2012

    We continue our series on the analysis of ABAP code. We have seen in the previous post what you need to know about the SAP technology and ABAP code. We will now list the questions to ask to the project teams in order to prepare the extraction of code, the analysis and their organization in the Sonar dashboard.

    Sonar & ABAP – The use cases
    By Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE, 25 November 2012

    Let’s continue the previous post about the questions to prepare for the implementation of a process of analysis of ABAP code, which we have seen that it was largely based on use cases. So I invited again Walter, Quality Director of Drago Solutions, who accompanied us since the beginning of this series of articles, to answer a few questions about this subject.