Sonar in the news

by olivier gaudin|

    SONAR – manage your code quality
    By ShamanOfJava, 10 October 2011

    Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality. It covers the 7 axes of code quality. Sonar supports a wide range of programming languages such as Java, C, C# etc. Through this article, we are going to see how to set up a Sonar Server and how to integrate a Java Project with it.

    Measure Code Coverage of HtmlUnit Based Tests with Sonar and JaCoCo
    By deors, 20 October 2011

    This blog post is the third one in a series about Integration Tests with HtmlUnit. Finally, in this post we are going to show how to measure code coverage of HtmlUnit tests using Sonar, the popular Continuous Quality Assurance tool, and JaCoCo, a very interesting code coverage tool based on JVM agents instead of instrumenting bytecodes.

    Separating Code Coverage With Maven, Sonar and Jacoco
    By John Dobie, 23 October 2011

    In this example I will expand upon my previous example of keeping your unit and integration tests in separate packages, and explain how to also produce code coverage statistics. For this I continue to use Maven, whilst adding Sonar and Jacoco to provide the code coverage.You can run the example below, but you will need to read the first article here to understand it.

    Testing the new Sonar plugin for Gradle
    By Luciano, 28 October 2011

    If you were looking to convince your boss that Gradle is worth a try for your next project, look no further. Gradle 1 release candidate 5, released on October 25, brings the long awaited Sonar integration, and it works ridiculously well. How well? How about a one-liner.

    A Free EC2 Cloud Server With Ubuntu, Jenkins And Sonar
    By John Dobie, 29 October 2011

    This example shows you how to create a free Amazon EC2 cloud based continuous integration and testing environment on Ubuntu. This is a low power server but it is useful for infrequent use. I personally tend to recommend Cloudbees, but this is handy when you need a free Sonar instance.

    Code Quality Analysis in Deployment Pipeline with Gradle, Jenkins and Sonar
    By Eugene Dvorkin, 31 October 2011

    Sonar is a tool that integrate a range of quality analysis tools into a single website. It provide one page visibility into quality of project source code. Developers and managers are interested in test coverage, code duplication, adherence to coding standard, cyclomatic complexity of the code and several other parameters. Sonar is an open source product and can keep all your code metrics in database, as a matter of fact, in any relational database.