Sonar in the news

by olivier gaudin|

    Welcome to the roundup of blog posts and pages that mentioned Sonar last month...

    Steer and/or sink the supertanker
    By Andrew Rendell, 15 June 2011

    Presentation : Continuous source code analysis to help steer the super tanker and / or hit the iceberg

    Java PaaS Provider CloudBees Launches Integrated Partner Ecosystem
    By John K. Waters, 22 June 2011

    Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company CloudBees launched a new partner program this week designed to extend its platform to support other cloud services. The new CloudBees Ecosystem is designed to bring cloud-based services from the company's partners directly to developers within the CloudBees platform...

    Sonar, l’outil qui manquait à l’usine de développement .NET
    By Maxime ARNSTAMM and Simon Lehericey, 22 June 2011

    Sonar ( est un outil de reporting sur la qualité des projets informatique. Bien qu’à l’origine fait pour le Java, la communauté Open Source a permis l’intégration de Sonar avec d’autre langages : cobol, flex, php, c++ et maintenant .NET. L’objet de cet article est de vous montrer ce que peut apporter Sonar pour un projet informatique et montrer quelle est sa place dans l’univers .NET.

    Our 1000th follower on Twitter
    By SonarSource , 31 May 2011

    Welcome to @bjoernschmitz, our 1000th follower on twitter...

    Code review with Sonar
    By Shamim Ahmed Bhuiyan, 28 May 2011

    Last week Sonar announced their new version 2.8 with a few new features and bug fixes. The main new feature is the support of custom code review. Crucible and Review board are another alternative code review system. Sonar come across with code coverage and review in one system, which is easy to maintain with small effort...

    Continuous Integration @local
    By Jose Alvarez Muguerza, 17 June 2011

    Including Automated Tests and Automated Builds are some of the key aspects in a Continuous Integration development activity. Most of us are already familiar with these premises but, in the other hand, it is a common practice to commit/push our updates once all Unit Tests run successfully; leaving those Integration Tests and, why not, inter-dependencies troubles to be analyzed after the remote repo build. Anne Thomas Manes estimates that ongoing maintenance could achieve 92% of the total lifetime cost of an application.

    Using Sonar for your .Net project
    By Choudhury, 12 June 2011

    In my previous post, I covered how to install sonar, followed by how to setup a Java maven project to use sonar. You can also use sonar for your .net project – it’s not quite as straightforward as using it for Java, as you need to have various tools installed on the machine as pre-requisties.

    Using sonar in your Java Maven project
    By Choudhury, 12 June 2011

    In my previous post, I went through how to get sonar up and running, now this guide is a quick how to running sonar for your java maven project. So here is simple maven project DistanceConverter (hardly anything in this project, but enough to run sonar). If you look at the pom.xml file for this project, you will a sonar profile and some properties required for the sonar plugin.

    Setting up Sonar
    By Choudhury, 11 June 2011

    Sonar is great tool for static code analysis. This is a quick how to guide on setting up sonar.
    Prerequisites, make sure you have Java SDK installed...

    How to setup and configure Sonar for Groovy projects
    By Zoltan Borne, 28 June 2011

    Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality. Sonar can gather data from your Groovy projects and display them on a web interface or straight in SpringSource Toolkit via an eclipse plugin.

    How to enable Flash/Flex project analysis in Sonar
    By Zoltan Borne, 24 June 2011

    Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality. It can gather data from FlexMetrics, FlexPMD, FlexCPD, FlexUnit results, SVN, Hudson/Jenkins, …etc on your AS3 or Flex projects.