Sonar has become a Multi-Languages Platform

by olivier gaudin|

    At the beginning of this year, Freddy mentioned in the Sonar roadmap for 2010 that after version 2.0 the main objective was to enable other languages on the Sonar platform through plugins. Nine months later, we have made very good progress on this subject and I wanted to take a chance to report on it.

    Java is currently the only language that is built in Sonar Core. This means that when you install the platform, the support for Java is there already. All other languages get supported through plugins. All those plugins are obviously available on the forge of plugins with documentation. But here is a slightly different view, based on whether what we call "the 7 deadly sins of the developers" get covered in Sonar for the language :

    Most of those plugins are still young, have got room for improvement and the community is working on them. But they all bring already a lot of value to the project teams.

    Let's now review what is on the path in the short term :

    • A C plugin will be released soon
    • We plan to provide a core to the C# plugin before the end of the year
    • A Natural plugin will be release in october

    Of course all those plugins can be installed in a single Sonar instance to centralize the quality management of an heterogeneous portfolio of applications. No need for a tool per language anymore !