Sonar Gadgets for GateIn and Jira4

by olivier gaudin|

    Jérémi Joslin has recently published a series of open source gadgets for Sonar along with explanations on how he developed them. Those gadgets are aimed to work not only in Gatein but also in any OpenSocial/Gadget container. They have been tested in Jira4 and GateIn.

    The development of those gadgets was incepted to follow Arnaud Heritier (the Software Factory Manager at eXo Plaform) vision on software development : "Developing a software with an increasing quality isn't easy. Sonar allows us day after day, to analyze from a global dashboard up to the smallest line of code all quality indicators we extract from developments. But managing a product isn't only being focused on its quality. It consists also to deliver on time, satisfy customers and community requests... To keep an eye on everything what could be better than a dashboard based on GateIn? With Sonar's gadgets for GateIn we'll be able to create our own set of dashboards to follow all metrics besides the activity of our teams, their impediments, tasks and issues on products (we are able, for example, to reuse Jira Gadgets in GateIn), and many more."

    Sonar Gadget in GateIn Dashboard:

    (Sonar Gadgets in GateIn Dashboard)

    Sonar Gadget in JIRA4:

    (Sonar Gadgets in Jira4 Dashboard)