Sonar Eclipse 2.1 in screenshots

by evgeny mandrikov|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar Eclipse 2.1. This new version is the logical extension of Sonar 2.8 and provides support for Manual Code Reviews. As stated previsouly, "we firmly believe that Manual Code Review adds a new dimension to Sonar and it must be integrated as much and simply as possible to the development process and especially to Sonar Eclipse" : this is now done with version 2.1.

    As usual, here is a quick overview in screenshots of this new functionality.

    This functionality is based on Mylyn and delivered as a separate feature called “Mylyn Connector: Sonar”. To start using this feature, a new Sonar task repository and a query to get all reviews assigned to the current user must be first created.


    After that you will be able to work with reviews assigned to you as with any other daily tasks in your Mylyn Task List - categorize, schedule, make private notes and so on :



    The current implementation is limited to read-only mode and together with Sonar 2.8, it enables to stay focused on fixing the most important violations and keep in touch with other stakeholders without leaving Eclipse IDE. Of course, we expect to receive feedback from the community to help improving the functionality.

    That is it ! Probably time now to upgrade your Sonar ecosystem by installing Sonar Eclipse 2.1 and start using reviews in it.