Sonar Becomes The SonarQube Platform

by olivier gaudin|

    About a year ago, we changed the name of Sonar to the SonarQube™ platform, but we didn't talk much about why we made the change, so today I though it would be a good idea to explain the reasons. The main one is that "Sonar" is a very common name, and it wasn't possible for us to define usage rules around the name and to build a brand that we could protect.

    With the name change, we've established a unique brand, so now we can offer standard terms and conditions for limited use of the SonarQube brand to developers, software companies, and content providers whose related products meet certain safety, quality, and ethical standards.

    The change in brand and the new standards will mean that the ever-growing consumer base of the SonarQube platform can continue to have confidence in the products, services and content associated with the SonarQube brand, knowing that they meet criteria set by SonarSource SA.

    Basically, as a software provider, you'll be able to use the Inspected with SonarQube logo in your product's marketing if it's regularly inspected with SonarQube. We encourage you to link the logo to the program's project dashboard, but that's up to you:

    You'll be able to use the Continuous Inspection SonarQube logo if you're writing about the platform. When you use it, we ask that you link it back to

    And as a consumer, when you see either of these logos, you'll know that you're dealing with a high-quality product offered by an organization that behaves ethically and honestly with its clients, SonarQube users, and SonarSource customers at all times.

    For full details, you should read the legal terms, but you can check out the logos page for an overview.