Sonar at the Lausanne JUG Software Quality "Tournament" !

by olivier gaudin|

    Cyril Picat asked us a few months ago whether we would be interested to participate to a session at the Lausanne JUG on Software Quality : so far nothing unusual !

    This session would be held with other software companies, still nothing unusual, in a compulsory format : this is unusual ! The proposal was that each company has the assignment of analyzing the same open source project with Its tooling (hopefully no one is going to use other's :-)) and then 20 minutes to present the results to the JUGL attendees. Obviously we could not say NO to such a challenge.

    Cyril managed to organize this and I believe he deserves credit for this. The session is going to happen on the 10th of February in Lausanne : SonarSource, Coverity, Parasoft, XDepend and Headway are going to be present. Freddy is going to be Sonar man at the session and he is already very excited about it !