Sonar 3.3 in Screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar 3.3. This new version includes new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a couple of minutes to check out: support of multi-language project, overall code coverage, enhanced resource exclusion feature, improving user experience...

    Multi-language Project

    Sonar can now analyze at once projects made of modules with different languages:

    Note that the ability to add a module containing files of different languages in the same source directory is not yet available but will be implemented in the upcoming versions (see SONAR-926).

    A consequence is that a project is now associated to multiple quality profiles (one per language). That was a good opportunity to fully refactored the Quality Profiles page to make it use the new UI "Modal window" features introduced in Sonar 3.3.

    Java Code Analyzer based on SSLR

    So far, the code analyzer for Java was based on ANTLR whereas we were already using our own code analyzing technology, SSLR, to analyze Javascript, Cobol, PL/SQL, Flex, C, C++, C# and Python. It was time to pay back this technical debt and the Java Code Analyzer is now based on SSLR! This will allow us to provide in the near future the cross-sources navigation feature for all languages (see SONAR-631) or a javadoc perspective on source code (see SONAR-332).

    Moreover few Java rules have been added:

    Overall Code Coverage

    Prior to Sonar 3.3 it was already possible in Java to integrate both the code coverage by unit tests and the code coverage by integration tests (with jacoco coverage engine). Sonar 3.3 provides the ability to merge those two coverages to track the lines of code and/or the branches that are not covered both by unit tests and integration tests: the Overall Code Coverage.

    Enhanced File Exclusion Feature

    The file exclusion feature has been enhanced. It is now possible to:

    • Define some exclusion patterns for both main sources and unit test sources
    • Define some global exclusion patterns that will by applied to all the projects

    Improving User Experience

    Sonar 3.3 introduces new UI features to enhance user experience. These are the first baby towards Sonar 3.4 :

    Breadcrumb below the top bar

    Dynamic drop-down lists

    Modal windows

    Time now to let you give a try to this version 3.3. You can download this new release at Please do not forget to read the installation or upgrade guide.