Sonar 2.7 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar 2.7. As usual, this new release includes improvements, bug-fixes and also new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a couple of minutes to review. This version focuses on providing further control on the technical debt.

    Prior to version 2.5, Sonar was really useful to assess application’s technical debt but was not so handy to manage evolution over time. In Sonar 2.5 we added the ability to see metrics evolution and monitor the apparition of new violations over a period of time or since an event. A similar functionality has now been added in version 2.7 to monitor code coverage by unit tests on new / updated source code. At the same time, the integration between Sonar and the SCM has become much tighter.

    Enjoy !

    Tighter integration with SCM data

    By using the SCM Activity extension, Sonar can retrieve information from the SCM and display them along with the source code.

    Coverage of new/updated source code

    Monitoring code coverage is crucial to understand the risks associated to changes. But how to do this efficiently in the context of a big legacy application with very low coverage ? All the efforts done to increase coverage are going to be largely diluted and this is going to be almost impossible to make a difference. This is why we added the ability to also monitor the coverage on newly added / updated source code over a period or since an event to track what code was added and is not enough tested.

    Drilldown then display details on each file :

    Better Coverage viewer

    Instead of showing the percentage of branches covered, Sonar now displays both the number of covered branches and the total number of branches

    And you have the option to filter only the coverage information you want to see

    Raw source

    As we had to modify the code viewer, we've deeply refactored it to make it much more performant. We've also added the ability view the source file as text, without any syntax highlighting or layout to copy/paste some code for example.

    The release notes of Sonar 2.7 are available in the download page. Do not forget to read the installation or upgrade guides.