Sonar 2.4 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    Only one month after the previous version, Sonar 2.4 has just been released. The new version is full of new features that I will explore today through screenshots :

    Custom dashboards

    Users can now create and customize as many dashboards as they want. For instance one dashboard dedicated to display synthetic measures to Managers, one other to display home made plugins's measures and a third one full of measures for developers. Customizing means choosing a layout, adding widgets and finally putting in place all those widgets. Administrators can of course share dashboards with all users and choose the dashboards to display by default.

    This feature was developed as part of GSoC by Andrew Tereskin.
    (custom dashboards)

    New widgets will be added in next releases. More screenshots and details are available in this page. The next step will be to display project dashboards according to the role of each user (SONAR-1967).

    Update Center

    The Update Center is the place for keeping Sonar platform up to date, by :

    • Listing installed plugins
    • Upgrading plugins. Compatibility with installed version of Sonar is verified
    • Installing new plugins
    • Checking new versions of Sonar

    (update center)

    With the Update Center, there is no more need to understand and worry about the plugin compatibility matrix. More details and screenshots in this page.

    Architecture rules for Java projects

    A project complies to an architectural model when its source code adheres to a set of architectural constraints. An architectural constraint allows to deny references between classes by pattern.

    Here are some examples of patterns :

    • Forbid access to *.web.* from *.dao.* classes
    • Forbid access to java.util.Vector, java.util.Hashtable and java.util.Enumeration from any classes
    • Forbid access to java.sql.* from *.ui.* and **.web.* classes

    The new "Architectural constraint" rule allows to define as many architectural constraints as desired :


    More screenshots and details are available in this page.

    Maven 3

    At last, Sonar offers Maven 3.0 support. No change required to configuration if you use the maven shortcut "mvn sonar:sonar". If you've defined the version the the org.codehaus.mojo:sonar-maven-plugin plugin to be used
    then you must update the version to 2.0-beta-1. Please note that the Clover plugin is not yet compatible with Maven 3 (see SONAR-1985).

    The full content of Sonar 2.4 is available in the release notes. Please do not forget to read the install or upgrade guides. You are now ready to download the new version and enjoy it !