Sonar 2.2 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar 2.2. As usual, this new release includes numerous improvements, bug-fixes and also brand new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a few minutes to review. Those features can be divided into three categories :

    • Favourites resources
    • Filters homepage
    • Plugin classloaders


    When you are working in a company that makes an intensive usage of Sonar, the project(s) you want to monitor can be quickly lost among hundred of others projects. Favourites makes it possible to flag those projects but also modules, packages and files. You then get quickly an overview of those resources at any time.

    To use this feature, the user must be logged into Sonar. Resources can then be flagged by clicking on the star icon available in the "Dashboard", "Components" and "Filters" pages :


    Once a resource is flagged as a favourite, it is automatically displayed in the "My Favourites" tab in the homepage :


    The Sonar homepage had several drawbacks when Sonar was intensively used :

    • Displaying the page took too much time with more than 500 projects
    • Only root projects were displayed
    • There was no way to quickly get a list of resources according to some criteria. For instance, the list of projects whose technical debt ratio is greater than 10%, the list of Files whose complexity is greater than 300...
    • The Treemap was too small and so not usable with many projects
    • There was no way for a user to customize the homepage

    The new "Filters" page allows to overcome those limitations :

    Of course, this feature comes along with configuration capabilities :

    Plugin classloaders

    Plugins are now executed in independent classloaders. The main advantage is that plugins can declare and embed their own dependencies instead of being limited to libraries provided by Sonar. As a direct consequence, Sonar no longer depends on Maven Checkstyle and PMD plugins but now directly embed Checkstyle and PMD libraries.

    To find out more about Sonar 2.2 and the 63 issues that have been fixed, you can read the release notes or maybe you prefer to download it to give a ride. Have fun !