Sonar 2.14 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar 2.14. This new version includes 100+ improvements, bug-fixes and also new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a couple of minutes to check out : extension of cross projects duplications for all languages, dashboard for reviews, notes on rules, new violations widget, enhanced file header, new treemaps and enhanced login. It is also to be noted that Sonar 2.14 enables LDAP 1.1 which provides support for external authorization.

    Here are screenshots of what has changed in the user interface:

    Cross-project copy paste detection for all languages

    What was already there for Java language since Sonar 2.11 is now available for all languages, the ability to detect cross project duplications:

    Dashboard for reviews

    The 2.14 distribution comes with a default dashboard for reviews that can of course be customized. This provide a great insight of where you stand with reviews and violations :

    Email notification on new violations

    This is now possible on a project to subscribe and receive an email when a new violation is added :

    Notes on rules

    Two distincts functionality have actually been added :
    First the ability to extend the description of a rule to give more details for example. This is going to follow the rule in every profile and will also be available when clicking on a violation:

    But we have also added the ability to comment a rule in the context of a specific quality profile, to comment for example why it has been assigned a high priority or a special threshold :

    Enhanced violations widget

    When displaying a dashboard in a differential mode, what was displayed prior to Sonar 2.14 was the net number of violations. It missed an important piece: how many violations were added and how many violations were fixed during the period ? This information is now available:

    Enhanced file header

    On top of seing in which module a file belongs to, you can also now quickly add/remove a file from favourites :

    Enhanced treemaps

    We have now replicated the navigation mechanism of the radiators plugin within the treemap, enabling smooth navigation from highest level to source file:

    Enhanced login

    Context of navigation is now kept when logging in : the user is redirected to the page he came from. This makes sharing of permalinks easier.

    Time now to let you give a try to this version 2.14. Release notes are available in the download page. Please do not forget to read the installation or upgrade guides.