Sonar 2.11 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar 2.11. As usual, this new version includes improvements, bug-fixes and also new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a couple of minutes to check out: new engine for copy paste detection enabling cross projects research, TimeMachine 2.0, deletion of past analysis...

    Cross Project Duplications

    So far the detection of copy paste code was only done inside a project and for Maven projects inside a Maven module. The main reason for this was the difficulty for PMD-CPD to scale as it requires a lot of memory. Thanks to GSoC, we now have a Sonar-CPD engine that is much more scalable and can detect cross-projects duplications. Do not be surprised to see duplications found increased after the next analysis !

    New History Widgets

    The TimeMachine was not changed since Sonar 2.5 and it was probably the service that has not been improved for the longest time... This is now fixed as we provide a version 2.0 that is widget based to be fully integrated into the dashboards. Note that you can mouse over the timeline to display the different values.

    Deletion of Past Snapshots

    Whatever the reason (wrong quality profile, issue with analysis...), there was a recurring demand from the community to be able to take a snapshot of the history. This is now possible and you will be able to polish history charts :

    Improve General Settings

    General settings have been very much improved to be easier to use. For example there is a save button in each tab now :

    Highlight the Link to Delete Projects

    This minor improvement has been frequently asked on mailing-lists. At last, it is done :

    Time now to let you give a try to the version 2.11. Release notes are available in the download page. Reading the installation or upgrade guides is much recommended.