Sonar 2.10 in screenshots

by olivier gaudin|

    The Sonar team is proud to announce the release of Sonar 2.10. As usual, this new version includes improvements, bug-fixes and also new features that we believe are worth stopping your daily work for a couple of minutes to check out : internationalisation, e-mail notification and manual measure revamping.


    This was one of oldest and the most voted feature request in JIRA ! Thanks to David Festal from Serli for the great contribution to develop the mechanism and to eXcentia for sponsoring. The language of the application can now be changed according to the browser language. Two language packs are already available and can be installed to either use the spanish translation (thanks to Paco Castro and Antonio Calero from eXcentia for providing the bundle)

    or the french one

    Some new language packs should be quickly available to cover more languages.

    Manual Measures

    Sonar collects a maximum of measures in an automated manner but this is sometimes not possible : information is not available for collection, measure is computed by a human... whatever the reason, Sonar provides a service to inject those measures manually and benefit from other services (Dashboard, TimeMachine, Filters, ...) : the Manual Measures service.

    You can create your own manual metrics and then define and manage their measures by project

    A dedicated widget can then be be added to the project dashboards to display those measures :


    Users have now the capability of subscribing to certain events to be notified by email. This simply requires that email configuration is globally defined

    and then each logged in user can subscribe to notifications by going to My Profile and tick the events he wants to subscribe to (one event available for the moment)

    Time now to let you give a try to the version 2.10. Release notes are available in the download page. Reading the installation or upgrade guides is much recommended.