Sonar 1.9 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    It is almost a tradition now : every month, we release a new version of Sonar. I am sure you are impatient to know which killing functionality is gonna be in version 1.9... Well, this month the new features are going to be difficult to show through screenshots...

    Better metrics

    Sonar Squid has now replaced JavaNCSS for static analysis. It fixes many Java5 parsing errors and it has direct impacts on several metrics : lines of code, complexity, comments, duplications... It enables to uncover some new axes of analysis such as undocumented APIs and JavaBean accessors. This was already detailed in this article.

    Moreover code coverage is now correct on projects with many maven modules.

    Methods complexity

    A chart displaying the methods distribution by complexity has been added to project dashboard :

    and to time machine :


    Better performance

    Performance improvements have been central in this version : increased speed, server needs less memory, new jobs to delete unused data.


    Sonar now supports PostgreSQL along with Oracle and MySQL, thanks to Guillaume Smet who contributed by providing the necessary code for compatibility. This functionality is gonna make for sure the 20 people who voted on the ticket happy :-)

    New extension point : dashboard widget

    Add your own widget to project dashboard.

    AJP13 connector for Apache

    This connector can be used to run Sonar behind an Apache web server. Thanks to Guillaume Boucherie for the patch.

    Download Sonar 1.9.