Sonar 1.8 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    We're happy to announce the availability of April's release : Sonar 1.8. This new version, ready to go into production, contains several improvements and bug fixes. Here are the most important of them in screenshots :


    This service enables at any level (project, module or package) to display the classes that have the most... and the less... Moreover, we are introducing a new metric that compounds code coverage and complexity of the class. This new metric's objective is to highlight the classes to work on when you want to quickly increase your code coverage.


    Manage FindBugs configuration

    It is now possible to import and export FindBugs XML configuration file as for Checkstyle and PMD (Thanks a lot to Jene Jasper for this major contribution).
    (Findbugs config)

    Duplicated lines detection

    It's now possible to configure the number of consecutive tokens necessary to detect a copy/paste. By default, this number is 100,
    (CPD tokens)

    Rules Compliance Index in clouds

    The clouds service displays all classes of a project/module/package. By default, the size of a class depends on the cyclomatic complexity and the color on the code coverage. The color can now also depends on the Rules Compliance Index.
    (RCI in clouds)


    The famous SONAR-222 has been fixed in this version. Despite the fact that it cannot be shown as a screenshot :-), we thought it was worth mentioning. Sonar does not use the maven embedder anymore. This has resolved a bunch of issues. For instance Sonar 1.8 is compatible with Maven 2.1.

    For more information, you can read the full release notes.

    The next check point is gonna be in May with Sonar 1.9 : JavaNCSS will be replaced by sonar-squid and performances should greatly improve (new JRuby on Rails, GWT 1.6 and database optimizations) !