Sonar 1.5 in screenshots

by simon brandhof|

    We have taken a few screenshots of the next release, just to make you want to try the 1.5 release candidate 1 !

    Code coverage details

    The Code Coverage report shows which lines of code were hit - or not - by unit tests. It works whatever the selected coverage tool, Cobertura (by default) or Atlassian Clover.

    Improve Coding Rules Compliance

    Simply visualize kinds of coding rules violations.

    Clouds of risky classes

    Mix complexity and code coverage measures to graphically discover which classes are the most risky. Big red classes are the most complex and the less tested.

    Search Coding Rules

    Search coding rules by name, plugin, activation level or category. Results can be exported in CSV format. Did you notice the name of the plugin selected in the screenshot ? Yes, it's well-known Findbugs, integrated besides Checkstyle and PMD.

    Search engine on projects

    Quickly access to project dashboards. The search bar is always accessible from the header. Just start typing the name of the project you search.

    Better Coding Rules Breakdown

    Compare metrics on time machine

    Compare trends of any measures on the same chart, for example to see if code coverage is related to complexity.

    Centralized Atlassian Clover license

    Simplify the Clover configuration, just copy the Clover license once in sonar and it will be available to all of your projects.

    There are many more features and improvements. To find out more about them, have a look at the release notes and visit Nemo, the live instance of Sonar that is analyzing regularly open source projects, since it is now using the 1.5 release candidate 1.