Release 1.4

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    The Sonar team is pleased to announce the release 1.4. This version is a bug fix release from version 1.3. We had a number of minor glitches that we felt were important to release. These include :

    • coding rules improvements (upgrade to checkstyle 4.4, copy profiles, display name of tools, permalinks on XML export)
    • fix a JavaNCSS bug when parsing Java5 annotations from method body
    • startup scripts on specific linux/solaris plateforms
    • fix bugs on IE6 and SQL Server database

    Read the release notes for more details. Updating to this version is recommended. Don't forget to read the migration guide for 1.2/1.3 users. It's really simple but it's mandatory to respect the procedure.

    We also developed an extension to analyse PL/SQL projects. Contact us for more details.

    Now that 1.4 has been completed, we are finalizing the plugins framework to easily extend Sonar measures. We'll release a BETA API on 1.5. Other planned features are advanced details on sources (lines covered by unit tests. messages of test failures) and better time machine charts.

    Thank you for all your feedback with making this a successful release !