Release 1.2 with new layout and reviews

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    We have always been impressed by the layout of the Google Analytics dashboard. Its data oriented interface is intuitive, simple and powerful at the same time. It gave us a lot of ideas to improve Sonar usability. The release 1.2 is the first step of this interface refactoring. For example major measures like code coverage or complexity/method are emphasized on the project dashboard.

    (new dashboard)

    The actual new feature of this release is reviews, like design or code reviews. They are a well-known technique to obtain quality and productivity improvements, even in agile teams. Resulting measures of such manual reviews are saved and displayed on the dashboard besides other metrics. Of course it does not replace tools like Atlassian Crucible, focused on the whole review process.


    The release also fixes some bugs. Have a look at the changelog for more details. Download the application and read the installation guide for more details.

    The development iteration is one month long, so the release 1.3 is planned for end of April. Until this time don't forget the mailing-list to give your feedback !

    The Sonar team