Release 1.1

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    We are pleased to announce that the Sonar 1.1 release is now available. Major features and enhancements are :

    • new GNU Lesser GPL license
    • Time Machine to display and compare past measures
    • homepage personalization
    • new unit test metrics (success ratio, number of failures)
    • administration features need authentication
    • management of Checkstyle and PMD extensions
    • upgrade to PMD 4.1
    • better management of coding rules thanks to profiles
    • easier to configure (no pom.xml configuration to set JDBC properties)
    • and many more

    Two series of screenshots on the homepage. Download Administration and migration guides are published into the documentation section.

    Do not forget do give your feedback on the mailing-list !

    We hope this release will fulfil your needs.

    The Sonar team