Release 1.0.2

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    We are pleased to announce that the Sonar 1.0.2 release is now available. Major features and enhancements are :

    • manage non maven projects. More details here.
    • display the classes complexity distribution.
      (complexity distribution)
    • display rules compliance indicators as an histogram chart.
      (rules compliance indicators)
    • better history charts
    • on rules breakdown page, sort modules and flop 10 classes by the number of errors to quickly identify hotspots


    Full release notes :
    Download :
    Installation guide :

    Upgrade from 1.0/1.0.1 releases

    • backup /extensions and /conf directories
    • unzip the distribution
    • copy your /extensions and /conf directories
    • start the server
    • browse to the sonar homepage (http://localhost:9000 by default) and follow setup instructions
    • execute the command 'mvn ch.hortis.sonar:sonar-maven-plugin:1.0.2:sonar' on your projects

    Many thanks to all the people who have helped us by giving their feedback.

    Please stay tuned.