Looking Back at 2012 Sonar Platform Accomplishments

by freddy mallet|

    A new year provides a good opportunity to look back at what was achieved the previous year. This is what I am going to do in this post for the Sonar platform.

    Let's start with a short version of this retrospective. Last year was made of:

    • 6 releases of Sonar platform
    • 200 releases of ecosystem products
    • 65,000 downloads of Sonar
    • 12,000+ messages on mailing lists

    So I suppose, we can call this a pretty active year for the community. Now, the longer version:

    The Plan

    One year ago, we had the following ambitions :

    Complete support of Continuous Inspection

    We added the ability to:

    • create a review at any place in the code
    • change severity of a violation
    • group reviews into an actions plan
    • track project activity through widgets
    • get notified in case of new violations on a project
    • improve accuracy for new violation detection mechanism

    We also provided the ability to create a Jira / Mantis / Trac issue from a violation as well as defining alerts on measures variations. What we did not develop yet is the ability to customize the workflow for reviews.

    Developer Cockpit: now that developers have the ability to understand and continuously follow the quality of their application, it makes sense to provide them with a service that shows their own contribution to projects.

    Done, through a commercial plugin.

    Global / Governance dashboards: the platform already allows to customize project dashboards but there is currently no way to create global dashboards.


    Open sourcing SonarSource code analysis technology: the objective is to use exactly the same technology stack in all language plugins, whether open source or close source.


    Code Churn metrics: having an indication of the activity on code is another input to determine the priority of remediation activities.

    We did not have time to work on this.

    Language coverage

    2012 was a prolific year for languages. Support for Python, Delphi, Erlang, PL/I, VB.NET, C++ (commercial) was added. Also, Flex and Javascript plugin were greatly improved with a new parser. The number of rules of the C plugin was drastically increased.

    Various improvements

    • Detection of cross-project duplications for all languages
    • Support for authorization in the LDAP plugin
    • Encryption in analysers of DB credentials

    Done, done & done!

    Beyond the Plan

    Obviously, we did not plan for all upcoming innovations for the year. Here are three major features of Sonar that weren't planned and that have been implemented:

    And this is also true in the ecosystem, here are four examples:

    • New Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese bundles
    • Widget labs
    • OpenID integration
    • Eclipse plugin 3.0 supports C++ and Python

    So after all this, what could be an exciting challenge for 2013 ? This is going to be the subject of my next post !