First release of 1.1 BETA

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    We are pleased to announce that the first 1.1 BETA release is now available. Major features and enhancements are :

    • the "time machine", to manage past measures of a project. You can tag a day ("release 1.0" or all other kind of event), display past dashboards and compare measures from different days/tags.
    • select the indicators to display on the homepage
    • new unit test indicators : success ratio, number of errors/failures
    • administration features are secured by an authentication system.
    • management of checkstyle and PMD extensions
    • better management of coding rules thanks to profiles
    • upgrade to PMD 4.1, with more than 20 new coding rules
    • no more jdbc driver configuration into pom.xml. It is automaticaly downloaded from the server.
    • and more than 50 enhancements and bug fixes !

    This is the first release since our migration to codehaus. The license is Lesser GPL instead of previous GPL.

    Note that this is a BETA release. We offer no guarantees about the reliability and the compatibility with the final 1.1 release. Moreover documentation is not finalized.

    Download :
    Changelog :
    Migration guide from 1.0 :
    Administration guide :

    We're waiting for your feedback ;o)