Changing our pricing model to boost adoption

by olivier gaudin|

    With the new LTS and its ecosystem, are coming many new features and improvements that were highly expected since the previous LTS. For example TypeScript support, DataFlow analysis, Cognitive Complexity and Branch analysis. Most of them come free and open source, some of them are new commercial features.

    When preparing these changes, we also thought that releasing 6.7 would also be a good time to change our pricing model and incorporate some of the direct and indirect feedback that we received during the last few years:

    • The entry price is generally too high for small SonarQube instances
    • Our commercial offering is quite fragmented
    • Whether you have a small or large SonarQube instance, you pay the same price which is not coherent
    • Only a small part of the 90,000 companies that use the product can afford commercial products
    • We want a shared pricing between SonarQube and SonarCloud Editions

    Based on this feedback, we have decided to make 2 important changes:

    1. We have simplified our commercial offering and we now only sell 3 Editions: Developer, Enterprise and Data Center. Plugins now come into these editions and no longer available for separate purchase.
    2. The prices of these Editions are determined based on the volume of lines of code (LOCs), which we think is the metric that captures the best the value provided by our products (Believe me, we have gone through many ideas before settling on LOCs, such as users, lines, issues, new issues introduced...)

    The intention with this new pricing model is really to enable more companies to benefit from our commercial features. For example, it is now possible for a small team that develops in C++ to use SonarQube for 120€ / year. So far, the feedback received about the change has been pretty good.

    We, of course, continue to have a completely open pricing policy at SonarSource and the new prices are publicly available on our web site.