Bug-fix release 1.4.2

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    The release 1.4.2 is available for download. It fixes two bugs :

    • SONAR-344 Configuration of custom rules is not read when importing checkstyle.xml file
    • SONAR-351 MySql broken pipe on inactivity timeout

    Upgrade steps from 1.4.* releases are :

    • unzip the distribution
    • replace sonar-1.4.2/conf/, sonar-1.4.2/extensions/ and sonar-1.4.2/data/ directories by yours
    • If MySql database, add the following property to sonar-1.4.2/conf/sonar.properties :
      sonar.jdbc.validationQuery: select 1
    • start the server
    • update the maven plugin version :
      mvn org.codehaus.sonar:sonar-maven-plugin:1.4.2:sonar