Bring a new dimension to Sonar with the Views Plugin

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    The community has started several months ago to request a plugin to group / aggregate projects in Sonar. This plugin was released a couple of days ago under the name : Sonar Views Plugin. It is a commercial plugin edited by SonarSource that goes beyond the community initial expectations.

    The Views Plugin enables to create any kind and any number of aggregation trees. Here are few examples :

    • Recreate inside Sonar the company internal organization : projects can be grouped by applications, applications by team, teams by department...
    • Group projects by type : libraries, web applications...
    • Separate legacy projects from new ones

    Each node in the tree is called a view and the leafs are the projects. There is no limit in depth for the trees. The management of the tree is done through a user friendly web administration tool :

    Once you have defined and created views, you can start following quality in their Dashboard. It means that you can start setting objectives to group of projects and follow the view with the TimeMachine service. You can follow for instance the technical debt of your complete project portfolio. Here is the Apache Forge Dashboard available on Nemo (the public instance of Sonar) :

    From there you are able to define action plans by using the well-known services : Hotspots, Clouds, Violations Drilldown, ... The project is then to the view what the file is to the project :

    At a glance, you can manage all the violations of your project portfolio. If a specific rule is violated, you immediately know which projects are in trouble :

    Want to give it a try ? Visit the plugin page to request an evaluation license key. Have fun !