Balsamiq Mockups to design the future of Sonar

by freddy mallet|

    I have spent roughly 10 years in software development, continuously aiming to improve team collaboration. Two months ago, I was convinced that we had a complete set of very good tools for Sonar development, and that even if they were not the bests, switching would not make a big enough difference to be worth it. In other words, I could not possibly imagine that we might adopt instantaneously a $75 product, wondering two days later how it was possible to not have it before.

    The miracle product is called Balsamiq Mockups. That's a pretty simple Flash application, with a minimalist user interface, allowing to draw almost any kind of graphical interfaces in minutes just like if you have a pencil in hand. I know what you think : PowerPoint or OpenOffice Presentation are good enough to design mockups. I thought so too... Give a try to Balsamiq and I bet you'll fell in love in less than 5 minutes.

    If some of you need more reasons to give it a try, you can read "Man Writes Software, Blogs About it, Makes $100k in 5 months" published in the New York Times, or "Five reasons Balsamiq Rocks the (Confluence) House (and now JIRA, too)" published in Atlassian Blog.

    Enough writing, Balsamiq Mockups is about mockups ! Let's discover the coming up Sonar functionality with the help of Balsamiq Mockups. I can show you today how Sonar will look like tomorrow : it is like looking in one's crystal ball ;-)

    * In the next few weeks, you'll be able to define alert thresholds (SONAR-40) :

    * A bit later, Hotspot service will quickly show you where are quick wins and project risks (SONAR-30) :

    * Wants to exclude sources from quality analysis (SONAR-205) ?

    * Wants to see exactly where are the duplicated lines (SONAR-538)?

    That's Sonar's near future and that's provided by Balsamiq Mockups !